brittany finnegan - MPH , L AC. - lunastones - acupuncture, apothecary, jewelry

We are all on our own path back to creation, our own route back to source.  

On this journey you recognize patterns, see everything around you and inside you is a product of energy... forming into structures, forming into feelings, forming into words, forming into actions.  Sunlight is pure energy but even the seat you are sitting on is vibrating with it's own energy.  Every being has a choice of where they want to fall along this spectrum.

Crystals have all different potentials to connect to the wearer and attune your soul to it's path.

Destiny is like a feather, with the main vein being the highest potential of your soul.  How long it takes you to get here is up to you.  Through life you go out on the limb, like the hairs of the feather, then back.  The thing is, you can't ever know your destiny until you live it.

Crystals are meant to help you tap into the intuition that's already right inside you...