Brittany offers tarot and astrology readings also; something she’ve been practicing for the past decade.  These readings help to give you clarity on your path… they can be proper medicine in their own right.

Tarot readings are a snapshot of current happenings in your life. This does involve past, present and future… Brittany can either do a three card spread for $15 or a full spread for $40. You can come with a certain question to ask or just see what the cards have in store.

As for astrology readings ($50) you get a look at your stellar make up… as well as the path your soul is on. Including where your soul is coming from and where you are going in future lifetimes.. and the oppositions or issues that this lifetime is presenting and asking you to overcome as well as your highlights and patterns. Brittany can read a synastry chart also which is two people and how their love or relationship will be. To get a reading you must know your exact birth time, birthday, and birthplace.