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Chinese HerbS

 Chinese Herbal therapy is a cornerstone of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).  Like acupuncture, herbal formulas balance the body, prevent disease, and ameliorate pathologies that arise in symptoms.  The pharmacopeia of Chinese medicine incorporates herbs, minerals, and animal parts taken in formulas containing 7-15 substances. In this regard, Chinese Herbal Formulas are safer than ingesting one single herb at a time, and more powerful.  When taking herbs one at a time, you are getting a large dose of that herb; while Chinese formulas are smaller doses of many herbs that work together and decrease any unwanted side effect of an herb in the formula.  Herbs can be decocted using the dried plant or substance, taken as a tea from powdered herb, or swallowed in capsules.  As acupuncture uses needles to stimulate the flow of “qi” (or energy) to promote healing, Chinese herbal formulas are ingested to build sustenance and directly serve each organ with the nutrients, energy, and essence needed for optimal health.  Our evolution has been closely woven with that of the plants.  Ideally, we would all want to be able to eat a diet that brings us to health.  However, there are times when supplementation is necessary and Chinese herbal formulas are a safe and balanced way to get there. 

The herbs I use in practice are in pre made formulas, they’re organic and from the highest quality I can source them. I prescribe both western and eastern herbs, diet changes, and lifestyle recommendations.

Besides ingesting, herbs can also be used topically, through a yoni steamer, burnt, or it is possible to intake an herbs energy by taking a bath or sitting with it. Essential oils are the most condensed form of a plant; these can be applied to acupuncture points instead of needles for stimulation, calling on a specific indication of an herb and point together. Moxibustion is used simultaneously with needles and is a form of mugwort vein, burned by points to heat, build qi and blood, and motivate movement in the channels. As you can see there are many ways to take herbs. Book an appointment for herbal consultation and see which herbs are right for you!